“The most urgent need in the Christian Church today is true preaching; and as it is the greatest and the most urgent need in the Church, it is obviously the greatest need of the world also.”
– Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Preaching and Preachers, 17

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The Governor

  •   Jan 31, 2016   •     •   John 18:33-40

True success is found in the power of the resurrected King Jesus. Listen as Pastor Aaron teaches from John 18:33-40. Continue reading

The Hypocrites

  •   Jan 24, 2016   •     •   John 18:28-32

Throughout the story of the passion, the Gospel of John shows us both the mighty works of God, and the foolish sins of man. Listen as Pastor Aaron Menikoff teaches about … Continue reading

The Coward

  •   Jan 17, 2016   •     •   John 18:12-27

After Jesus’ arrest, Peter denies knowing him three times. This denial says a great deal about Peter, and a great deal about God’s ability to work through human failure. Listen as … Continue reading

A Life of Faith, Love, and Hope

  •   Jan 10, 2016   •     •   Psalm 23

Guest Preacher Wallace Francis takes us through the familiar verses of Psalm 23. Listen as he shows us the layers of deep-rooted truths that hold David’s bold declarations of God’s … Continue reading

The Traitor

  •   Jan 03, 2016   •     •   John 18:1-11

Aaron Menikoff opens a 13 part series on the “People of the Cross” through the last four chapters of John’s Gospel. In this first sermon, we learn about the betrayal … Continue reading

The Unconquerable God

  •   Dec 27, 2015   •     •   Psalm 46

We can have an unshakable faith in our sovereign King, Jesus Christ, regardless of what the future holds. Listen as Dustin Butts explains this truth from Ps. 46. Continue reading

The Christmas Sermon (2015)

  •   Dec 20, 2015   •   Matthew 1:1–2:12

The lineage of Jesus is a crucial part of the Christmas story. Old Testament prophecies of the messiah magnify the significance of the incarnation of Christ. Listen as Aaron Menikoff … Continue reading

The Promise of a Son

The Old Testament gives many promises about the coming Messiah. Among them is the promise of a son, named “God with us,” who will come to save his people from … Continue reading

The Promise of a King

Jesus is the prophet, priest, and the king that we need. These themes are woven throughout the Bible and point us ultimately to the person and work of Christ. Listen … Continue reading

The Promise of a Prophet

Jesus the prophet came to fulfill the promise of Moses. While Moses saved the people from slavery in Egypt, Jesus saves his people from the eternal slavery of sin. Continue reading