Women’s Lunch

  •   Feb 13, 2023   •  

Audio recorded at Feed My Sheep Conference 2023. This recording is from the women’s lunch taught by Nikki Daniel. Continue reading

The Power of Wisdom

Solomon instructs his son to pursue wisdom, “receive my words and treasure up my commandments” (v. 1). He promises this pursuit will lead to an understanding of “the fear of … Continue reading

The Call of Wisdom

Chapters 1–9 are an extended introduction to the book of Proverbs. Solomon wants to teach his son and us that wisdom is a matter of life and death. To drive … Continue reading

The Beauty of Wisdom

Proverbs 1–9 is one extended introduction to the entire book. The short, pithy wisdom sayings begin in chapter 10. These chapters wake up the reader, drawing our attention to the … Continue reading

The Purpose of Wisdom

Proverbs is a book of wisdom for life. A book for the young and the wise, Proverbs teaches us how to live when the next step isn’t obvious. The world … Continue reading

Seek Wise Council

  •   Nov 11, 2018   •     •   Proverbs 11:14

Seek council from a multitude of wise councilors and listen to the council you recieve. Continue reading

Pursue Humility

  •   Nov 04, 2018   •     •   Proverbs 3:34

Humility is a precious virtue that is to be prized and sought by God’s people. Continue reading

Words on the Heart

  •   Oct 31, 2010   •  

Words on Family

  •   Oct 24, 2010   •  

Words on Friendship

  •   Oct 10, 2010   •  
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