Do You Tremble?

  •   Jul 26, 2021   •     •   Psalm 99

God is the King, and his people should exalt him. Livestream Video & Sermon Audio  Continue reading

Jesus Predicts His Death

  •   Jul 19, 2021   •     •   Mark 8:31–38

When Christ returns in the glory of His Father to judge, those who were ashamed of Him in pursuit of the world will be denied by Him and forfeit their … Continue reading

Jesus is the Christ

  •   Jul 12, 2021   •     •   Mark 8:27–30

Guest preacher Zack DiPrima helps us understand the purpose of Mark’s book is to prove that Jesus is the Christ. Livestream Video & Sermon Audio  Continue reading

God Works Through Christ

  •   Jul 06, 2021   •     •   Nehemiah 11–13

In Nehemiah 11–13, the people of Jerusalem can not and will not obey God’s law. We know why: they need the gospel of Jesus Christ, which will one day bring … Continue reading