Living without Worry

It is tempting to place our trust in money and possessions rather than in God. We worry that we will one day not have enough, which drives us to store … Continue reading

Living without Fear

At some level, everyone struggles with the fear of man. This fear takes on different forms. We can fear what others think of us and be tempted to live for … Continue reading

Do You Know Mary?

The virgin birth is foundational to Christianity. Jesus became incarnate when the Holy Spirit came upon Mary. That day, she became the mother of God. Upon hearing the news from … Continue reading

Surviving Life’s Storms

  •   Jun 19, 2022   •     •   Luke 6:43–49

At the end of Luke 6, Jesus explains that his disciples are those who build their lives upon Jesus and his word. All circumstances of one’s life test and reveal … Continue reading

The Door

Jesus’ exhortation to “strive to enter through the narrow door” is a response to the question, “Lord, will those who are saved be few?” (Luke 13:23). Jesus’ reply is bracing, … Continue reading

Dinner with Jesus

Aug 11, 2019   •     •   Luke 14:1–24

In this text, Jesus is challenging our selfishness in how we tend to relate to others. This week’s sermon audio is available upon request. Please email Continue reading

The Easter Sermon (2019)

  •   Apr 21, 2019   •   Luke 24:1–12

Faith in the risen Christ will change your life. Continue reading

The Christmas Sermon (2018)

  •   Dec 23, 2018   •     •   Luke 2:1–20

A glorious God came to sinful humanity as a humble servant. Continue reading

The Lord Your God

  •   Aug 26, 2018   •     •   Luke 4:1–13

Filled with the Spirit but attacked by the devil, Jesus is the king we need. Continue reading

The Son of God

  •   Aug 19, 2018   •     •   Luke 3:21–38

Jesus is the divine king who can stand in our place. Continue reading

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