Pick a Side

  •   Jan 07, 2024   •     •   Psalm 36

In Psalm 36, David sets the pattern for a fight for holiness by assessing his sin, marveling at his incomparable God, who draws near, and asking God to intervene in … Continue reading

Anxiety’s Remedy

  •   Aug 27, 2023   •     •   Matthew 6:19–34

In Matthew 6:19–34, Jesus addresses twin concepts: treasure and anxiety. Jesus provides three contrasts: two treasures, two eyes, and two masters to encourage his followers towards complete devotion to himself. … Continue reading

Jesus, The Demanding Savior

In Matthew 8:18–22, two would-be disciples approach Jesus. Both express interest in and admiration for Jesus and want to follow him. They appear to be promising candidates for discipleship. However, … Continue reading

Reading the Bible Evangelistically

  •   Mar 22, 2023   •  

This recording is from a topical Equipping Matters class taught by Jeffrey Timmons on reading the Bible evangelistically. Continue reading

The Strength of the Lord

  •   Dec 28, 2021   •     •   Psalm 114

Psalm 114 recounts the story of the exodus out of Egypt and loads the retelling with significance that may have previously been missed. When Israel left Egypt, God took up … Continue reading

The Divine Gospel

  •   Jun 24, 2018   •     •   Galatians 1:11–24

The divine origins of the gospel make it a message of powerful hope for great sinners. Continue reading

Who Is Jesus?

  •   Jul 09, 2017   •     •   Mark 14:53-65

Jesus is in complete control as he comes to the cross. Listen as Jeffrey Timmons preaches on Mark 14. Continue reading

What Is a Christian?

  •   Jul 02, 2017   •     •   Mark 3:20-35

A Christian is characterized by continual turning from sin and trusting Jesus’ work on the cross for forgiveness. Listen as Jeffrey Timmons preaches on Mark 3. Continue reading

A Savior for the World

  •   Jul 31, 2016   •     •   Matthew 15:21-28

What happens when Jesus tells you no? In Matthew 15, a Canaanite women asks Jesus for help and is refused. She responds in great faith and humility and Jesus commends … Continue reading

A Savior for the Heart

  •   Jul 17, 2016   •     •   Matthew 15:1-20

Jesus is greater than the law because he demands the heart. Listen as Jeffrey Timmons preaches on Matthew 15:1-20. Continue reading

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