Am I Zealous?

Zeal without knowledge is dangerous. A zealous Paul, who did not understand the gospel, persecuted the church (see Gal. 1 and Phil. 3). However, true Christians will have both zeal … Continue reading

Am I Offended?

Having just established that many Gentiles have come to faith but only some Jews, Paul explains the Gentiles pursued righteousness by faith, the Jews by works. Paul understands what they’ve … Continue reading

The Joy of Sending

  •   Jan 14, 2024   •     •   Acts 13:1–3

In his wisdom, God calls upon churches to start and strengthen other churches. At Mount Vernon, strengthening existing churches is part of our corporate DNA. We labor to know, encourage, … Continue reading

Pick a Side

  •   Jan 07, 2024   •     •   Psalm 36

In Psalm 36, David sets the pattern for a fight for holiness by assessing his sin, marveling at his incomparable God, who draws near, and asking God to intervene in … Continue reading

Biographical Sketch: Robert M’Cheyne

  •   Jan 03, 2024   •  

This recording is from a topical Equipping Matters class taught by Zack DiPrima on the life and ministry of 19th-century Scottish pastor, Robert M’Cheyne. Continue reading