Blessed Assurance

  •   Apr 11, 2022   •     •   Romans 5:1–11

Because God loved us first, we can be assured that we will experience his love forever. Our hope is secure. Video & Sermon Audio  Continue reading

“Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken”

  •   Apr 04, 2022   •     •   Jeremiah 30–33

Chapters 30 and 31 are sometimes called Jeremiah’s Book of Consolation. Unlike most of the rest of Jeremiah, in these chapters God reiterates his promises for the people of Judah. … Continue reading

“The Loser Now Will be Later to Win”

  •   Mar 28, 2022   •     •   Jeremiah 21–29

In Jeremiah 21–29, kingdoms see devastation and exile before returning to the land. We learn a great deal from this pattern. As exiles here on earth, we know this world … Continue reading

“There’s No Place Like Home”

  •   Mar 21, 2022   •     •   Jeremiah 16–20

Jeremiah’s prophecy for Judah is one of judgment: God will punish the people’s idolatry with exile to Babylon. Even as Jeremiah prays for the destruction of a people who defy … Continue reading

“A Beast, No More”

  •   Mar 14, 2022   •     •   Jeremiah 11–15

Part of being a human is our attempt to make sense of life. Even Christians struggle to understand why God permits his enemies to mock him while believers are not … Continue reading

The Kingdom Begins

  •   Mar 07, 2022   •     •   Matthew 4:12–25

God promised that a king would come to restore Israel and he would be a light to those walking in darkness. Jesus Christ is the King, and he has come! … Continue reading

“Making Mud Pies”

  •   Feb 28, 2022   •     •   Jeremiah 7:1–10:25

In Jeremiah 7:1–10:25, Jeremiah reiterates God’s pending judgment on the people of Judah, but he also reminds them of who God is and why he deserves their sole allegiance. Video … Continue reading

What God Wants for You

  •   Feb 23, 2022   •     •   Ephesians 3:14–19

Most of Ephesians is prayer—the divinely inspired prayers of Paul for his people. In these verses, Paul’s heart for God’s people is on full display, especially his desire to see … Continue reading

Women’s Lunch

  •   Feb 22, 2022   •  

Audio recorded at Feed My Sheep Conference 2022. This recording is from the women’s lunch taught by Keri Folmar. Continue reading

The Reformation of the Church’s Worship

  •   Feb 22, 2022   •  

Audio recorded at Feed My Sheep Conference 2022. This recording is Session Four from Ligon Duncan. Continue reading