“Is God Unfair?”

Though Paul wrote the book of Romans to churches in Rome, several times in the book, he addresses the objections to Christianity posed by Jewish skeptics. Romans 3:1–8 is an … Continue reading

“Am I a Hypocrite?”

In Romans 1:18-32, Paul argues that the whole world is liable to God’s judgment. He describes, in stunning detail, the downward moral slide of those who make an idol out … Continue reading

Live by Faith

  •   Feb 19, 2023   •     •   Habakkuk 2

In Habakkuk 2, the Lord assures Habakkuk of his future judgment of Babylon. This judgment prefigures the wrath to come when Jesus returns to judge the living and the dead. … Continue reading

Unable to Do Good: A Case for Total Depravity

  •   Feb 13, 2023   •  

Audio recorded at Feed My Sheep 2023. This recording is from Session 1 taught by Aaron Menikoff. Continue reading

The Glory of the Triune God in the Work of Redemption

  •   Feb 13, 2023   •  

Audio recorded at Feed My Sheep 2023. This recording is from Session 2 taught by Bert Daniel. Continue reading

Women’s Lunch

  •   Feb 13, 2023   •  

Audio recorded at Feed My Sheep Conference 2023. This recording is from the women’s lunch taught by Nikki Daniel. Continue reading

Joy in Hard Times

  •   Feb 12, 2023   •     •   1 Peter 1:1–9

True joy originates with Jesus. He pointed his disciples to a life of joy found through faith in the gospel. As Jesus forms his life in us, we discover what … Continue reading

“Who Am I to Judge?”

Upon reading Romans 1:18–32, some of Paul’s Jewish readers would have been prone to think about their Gentile neighbors with a sense of superiority. Paul warns them (and us): be … Continue reading

Wonder and Be Astounded

  •   Jan 29, 2023   •     •   Habakkuk 1

The book of Habakkuk shows how saints rest in God by wrestling with his kind and severe providence, grappling with his unwavering promises, and pondering his holy character. Sermon Audio Continue reading

“What’s My Excuse?”

Having just shared the Good News—albeit in a condensed fashion—Paul turns his attention to the Bad News. Sinful man has suppressed the truth, exchanged God’s glory for idolatry, and is … Continue reading