Righteousness: The Peacemaker

  •   Dec 29, 2019   •     •   Matthew 5:21–26

Sinful anger is rooted in our sinful hearts. God’s righteous judgment comes against all sin, but Christ offers us the peace of a pure heart. Continue reading

The Christmas Sermon (2019)

  •   Dec 22, 2019   •     •   Matthew 1:1–17

Matthew’s genealogy is a declaration that Jesus is more than a carpenter–he is the long-expected King of Israel. Continue reading

The Son of God

  •   Dec 15, 2019   •     •   Colossians 1:15–16

Jesus is the Son of God–the savior in whom sinners find everlasting life. Continue reading

The Son of David

  •   Dec 08, 2019   •     •   2 Samuel 5:2

Israel was promised a descendent of King David who would sit on the throne forever. That king is Jesus, the King of the entire world. Continue reading

A Theology of Marriage for Today

  •   Dec 01, 2019   •     •   Genesis 2

Our expectations for our marriages must be in line with God’s designs and God’s plans for marriage. Continue reading

The Son of Abraham

  •   Nov 24, 2019   •     •   Genesis 12:1–3

Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of all God’s promises to Abraham. Continue reading

The God Who Restores

  •   Nov 17, 2019   •     •   Ezekiel 40–48

Humility comes from seeing who you should have been; joy comes from seeing who God is. Continue reading

The God Who Shepherds

  •   Nov 10, 2019   •     •   Ezekiel 33–39

Christians are loved by God; and these chapters show us the depth of God’s love for us. Continue reading

Righteousness: The Law

  •   Nov 03, 2019   •     •   Matthew 5:17–20

Jesus came to fulfill the entire Old Testament law, and he demands an exceeding righteousness. Continue reading

The God Who Sees

  •   Oct 28, 2019   •     •   Ezekiel 25–32

Ezekiel’s prophecy now turns from Israel’s sin to the sin of the surrounding nations. God’s unique affection for his people means that he does not take their oppression lightly. Continue reading