Jesus Is the True God

  •   Mar 29, 2021   •  

In 1 John 5:13–21, John encourages believers in need of assurance to look not to the proof of salvation– sound doctrine, holy living, and brotherly love– but to the root: … Continue reading

Jesus Is the Christ

  •   Mar 22, 2021   •  

John explains the three tests Christians use to determine whether they are truly alive in Christ. These tests are the evidence of salvation, not the source: the source is Christ. … Continue reading

A Holy God

  •   Mar 15, 2021   •  

In 2 Samuel 6, we see how determined David was to be with the Lord and dwell in his presence. The Lord is holy and we can only come into … Continue reading

A Humble King

  •   Mar 08, 2021   •  

In 2 Samuel 5, we are reminded that David was a good king because of the grace and mercy of God. David was a patient king because God is faithful. … Continue reading

Jesus Is the Propitiation

  •   Mar 01, 2021   •  

In 1 John 4:7–21, John teaches us that the God who is love shows love through the cross of Christ, creating a people who love. Livestream Video & Sermon Audio … Continue reading