“Am I Righteous?”

When confronted with the question, “Are you righteous?” most people today would probably answer, “Kind of.” They would see themselves on the spectrum of righteousness. For Paul, however, righteousness is … Continue reading

“Why Does God Save?”

Paul wrote his letter to the Romans while paused in Greece, probably Corinth, on his way to Jerusalem as he approached the end of his third missionary journey. He didn’t … Continue reading


  •   Jan 01, 2023   •     •   Joshua 1:1–9

One of the most comforting truths in the Bible is that God is with you. After the death of Moses, God commissioned Joshua to lead Israel to conquer the Promised … Continue reading

Do You Know Mary?

The virgin birth is foundational to Christianity. Jesus became incarnate when the Holy Spirit came upon Mary. That day, she became the mother of God. Upon hearing the news from … Continue reading

The Power of Wisdom

Solomon instructs his son to pursue wisdom, “receive my words and treasure up my commandments” (v. 1). He promises this pursuit will lead to an understanding of “the fear of … Continue reading

The Call of Wisdom

Chapters 1–9 are an extended introduction to the book of Proverbs. Solomon wants to teach his son and us that wisdom is a matter of life and death. To drive … Continue reading

Christmas Tea Devotional 2022

Dec 03, 2022   •  

This is the audio recording of the devotional given by Katrina Kanode at the 2022 Christmas Tea.     Continue reading

Engaging the Culture with Compassion

, ,   •   Nov 27, 2022   •  

This recording is from a joint Sunday School class by Sean DeMars titled “Engaging the Culture with Compassion.” The class ends with a Q&A session including Aaron Menikoff and Zack … Continue reading

Feeling the Weight of Death

  •   Nov 27, 2022   •     •   John 11:1–44

We live in a world that treats death as a natural part of life. However, Christians know death is a tragedy—the curse of the Fall. Jesus wept at the death … Continue reading

The Beauty of Wisdom

Proverbs 1–9 is one extended introduction to the entire book. The short, pithy wisdom sayings begin in chapter 10. These chapters wake up the reader, drawing our attention to the … Continue reading