Show True Courage

  •   Mar 17, 2024   •     •   Psalm 82

Psalm 82 is part of a collection of psalms (Ps. 73–83) all connected by a common theme: the need for faith in a world where evil appears to have the … Continue reading

Jesus, the Healing Savior

What does physical healing have to do with the hope of heaven? In Matthew 8:5–17, we find that the physical healings that Jesus performed had everything to do with the … Continue reading

The Challenges and Blessings of Parenthood

  •   May 12, 2023   •  

Audio recorded at MVBC’s 2023 Parenting Conference. This recording is from Session 1 taught by Dustin Butts. Continue reading

Faithful Endurance

  •   May 09, 2022   •     •   2 Peter 3:1–13

The day of the Lord is certain, and it is coming sooner than you think, so run hard after holiness. Continue reading

Blessed Assurance

  •   Apr 11, 2022   •     •   Romans 5:1–11

Because God loved us first, we can be assured that we will experience his love forever. Our hope is secure. Video & Sermon Audio  Continue reading

The Help of the Lord

  •   Nov 29, 2021   •     •   Psalm 33

Psalm 33 is a song of praise that fixes our eyes on the Lord—his character, his creative power, his sovereignty, and his steadfast love—and calls us to shout for joy … Continue reading

Jesus Opens Eyes

  •   Jun 07, 2021   •     •   Mark 8:22–26

In the Gospels, there may be no stranger event than the two-stage healing of the blind man recorded in Mark 8:22–26. In order to understand it fully, we need to … Continue reading

A Holy God

  •   Mar 15, 2021   •  

In 2 Samuel 6, we see how determined David was to be with the Lord and dwell in his presence. The Lord is holy and we can only come into … Continue reading

A Humble King

  •   Mar 08, 2021   •  

In 2 Samuel 5, we are reminded that David was a good king because of the grace and mercy of God. David was a patient king because God is faithful. … Continue reading

The Gospel for All

  •   Nov 16, 2020   •     •   Mark 7:24–37

There are moments in life when we are all tempted to wonder if God really cares. In his kindness, and as a sign of his care for us, he repeatedly … Continue reading

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