Is God for Me?

These verses mark the climax of the first eight chapters of Romans. In this chapter, having stated the gospel plainly (with justification by faith alone at the center), Paul applies … Continue reading

What Is Predestination?

In one of the most extraordinary paragraphs in all Scripture, Paul argues God will use every difficulty, no matter how intense, for the Christian’s long-term good. This is not a … Continue reading

How Shall I Then Pray?

In Romans 5–8, Paul describes the Christian life. Because of Christ’s work on the cross, we have “peace with God” (Rom. 5:1). We are united to Christ and able to … Continue reading

Can I Endure Suffering?

Chapters 5–8 in Romans are about life in Christ. Such a life is profoundly different from a life in Adam. The Christian is freed from the condemnation of sin, freed … Continue reading

Am I Adopted?

Believers are free from condemnation (Rom. 8:1–11); they are empowered to put sin to death (8:12–13). The battle against sin is necessary and possible because of the Spirit of God … Continue reading

Can I Please God?

Every Christian sins and will sin while he is alive or until Christ returns. The stunning fact of Christianity is that, due to the work of Christ on the cross, … Continue reading

Who Will Deliver Me?

In Romans 5–8, Paul describes the Christian life. Prior to salvation, we were “in Adam” but now, reconciled to God, we are “in Christ.” The Christian is alive in Christ, … Continue reading

When Christians Sing

When Christians sing God’s Word with the congregation, God is praised. It is, therefore, simply unthinkable to be an un-singing Christian. We sing because we are made in God’s image, … Continue reading

When Jesus Shows Up

King Jesus is with his people in a special way when they are gathered as his church to do his royal business of corporate worship. “Corporate worship” is what takes … Continue reading

Is the Law Good?

After arguing that grace produces holiness while the law arouses sinful passions (Rom. 7:1–6), Paul now clarifies the law is good. Sin, not the law, is the problem. The law … Continue reading