“Can I Be Free of Sin?”

Every true believer wants to sin less. Even though we often face the temptation to abuse grace, we are eager to wage war against our sin because the gospel has … Continue reading

“Can’t I Sin a Little?”

We all know what it is like to presume upon God’s grace. In a moment of weakness, because of the indwelling sin that still lingers in our hearts, we step … Continue reading

“Why Blame Me?”

This is one of the most important passages in the Bible explaining original sin. Every human being is born corrupted by Adam’s sin and deserving of God’s condemnation. This is … Continue reading

“Can I Rejoice in Suffering?”

In chapter 5, Paul addresses the blessing of justification: peace, daily grace, and hope—but his emphasis is on hope, the hope of future glory. The Christian doesn’t merely long for … Continue reading

“Is Faith Foolish?”

Paul addresses the topic every Jewish reader in his day would have asked: what about Abraham? The Apostle wants us to understand that the life of Abraham proves not only … Continue reading

The Easter Sermon

  •   Apr 09, 2023   •     •   Mark 16:1–8

Though most people believe in heaven, the views of our neighbors are not shaped by the Bible. Jesus taught that he is the way, and the truth, and the life … Continue reading

“Whose Sins Are Covered?”

After explaining that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, Paul addresses the question on the mind of every faithful Jew reading through the book of Romans, “What … Continue reading

“What Is Christianity?”

In what some call the most important paragraph in the Bible, Paul announces, explains, and applies the Good News of Jesus Christ. After laying out the Bad News in Romans … Continue reading

“Am I Good Enough?”

Those with “imposter syndrome” think they’re worse than they actually are. Those with “angel syndrome” are convinced they’re better than they actually are. Both are real problems, but those with … Continue reading

“Is God Unfair?”

Though Paul wrote the book of Romans to churches in Rome, several times in the book, he addresses the objections to Christianity posed by Jewish skeptics. Romans 3:1–8 is an … Continue reading