Parenting in Teenage Years

  •   May 13, 2023   •  

Audio recorded at MVBC’s 2023 Parenting Conference. This recording is from Session 4 taught by Brad Thayer. Continue reading

“It’s a boy! It’s a girl!”

  •   Mar 15, 2023   •  

This recording is from a topical Equipping Matters class taught by Brad Thayer on defining what it means to be a man or a woman. Continue reading

The Last Will Be First

  •   Jan 18, 2022   •     •   Matthew 20:1–16

Matthew 20:1-16 is a story about the kingdom of heaven. It’s in response to Peter’s question and expectation that the disciples have earned a reward for following Jesus. The principle … Continue reading

The Justice of the Lord

  •   Sep 13, 2021   •     •   Psalm 79

There is much to learn from Psalm 79 about how to plead with the Lord in our pain and suffering. Brad Thayer walks through this corporate song of lament. Livestream … Continue reading

Jesus Gets to the Heart

  •   May 10, 2021   •     •   Mark 8:11-21

With Scripture as our guide, we pursue friendship, missions, and unity—three overarching themes found in 3 John. Livestream Video & Sermon Audio  Continue reading

Who Is Like the Lord Our God?

  •   Jan 17, 2021   •     •   Psalm 113

The broken pieces of life and our fearful anxiety about the future are put in proper perspective when we put them in proper relation to the Lord Jesus Christ. Livestream … Continue reading

Know Your Heart

  •   Oct 18, 2020   •     •   Mark 7:24–37

Sin makes our hearts defiled and unclean. Jesus offers a new heart to anyone who comes to him by faith. Livestream Video & Sermon Audio  Continue reading

The God of History Remembers

  •   Aug 09, 2020   •     •   Psalm 98

Christians are commanded to worship the Lord in joyful song–praising him for what he has done. Livestream Video & Sermon Audio  Continue reading

A Prayer for Grace

  •   Mar 08, 2020   •     •   Psalm 9

If we are struggling to trust the Lord, we should have absolute confidence in King Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Righteousness: The Light

  •   Oct 20, 2019   •     •   Matthew 5:13–16

After the Beatitudes, Jesus goes on to exhort his disciples to be the salt of the earth and a light to the world. Our lives are meant to be distinct … Continue reading