The Christmas Sermon

  •   Dec 24, 2023   •     •   Matthew 2

Video & Sermon Audio  Continue reading

When Jesus Shows Up

King Jesus is with his people in a special way when they are gathered as his church to do his royal business of corporate worship. “Corporate worship” is what takes … Continue reading

Anxiety’s Remedy

  •   Aug 27, 2023   •     •   Matthew 6:19–34

In Matthew 6:19–34, Jesus addresses twin concepts: treasure and anxiety. Jesus provides three contrasts: two treasures, two eyes, and two masters to encourage his followers towards complete devotion to himself. … Continue reading

Jesus, The Demanding Savior

In Matthew 8:18–22, two would-be disciples approach Jesus. Both express interest in and admiration for Jesus and want to follow him. They appear to be promising candidates for discipleship. However, … Continue reading

Jesus, the Healing Savior

What does physical healing have to do with the hope of heaven? In Matthew 8:5–17, we find that the physical healings that Jesus performed had everything to do with the … Continue reading

Gentle and Lowly

  •   Apr 25, 2022   •     •   Matthew 11:28–30

Everyone has a desire to rest and is tempted to find rest in places that don’t provide the rest we need. Until we realize true rest is found in laying … Continue reading

The Easter Sermon

  •   Apr 19, 2022   •     •   Matthew 28

In Matthew 28, Matthew describes a couple of women who arrive at the tomb, meet an angel, and finally come face-to-face with the living Savior, Jesus Christ. Continue reading

The Kingdom Begins

  •   Mar 07, 2022   •     •   Matthew 4:12–25

God promised that a king would come to restore Israel and he would be a light to those walking in darkness. Jesus Christ is the King, and he has come! … Continue reading

The Prayer of God

  •   Jan 31, 2022   •     •   Matthew 6:5–15

The believer approaches God not as a stranger and not even as a guest—we approach God as his precious child. With the privilege of prayer comes the responsibility to pray … Continue reading

The Last Will Be First

  •   Jan 18, 2022   •     •   Matthew 20:1–16

Matthew 20:1-16 is a story about the kingdom of heaven. It’s in response to Peter’s question and expectation that the disciples have earned a reward for following Jesus. The principle … Continue reading

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