The Easter Sermon

  •   Mar 31, 2024   •     •   John 20:1–18

Because Jesus rose from the dead, we know we are to serve him, the Risen Lord. The resurrection is the hinge by which the door of Christianity opens wide to … Continue reading

Did God Reject His People?

God has always kept a Jewish remnant, chosen by grace. God foreknew (lovingly chose) Israel out of all the nations of the earth to be his special people. Though, albeit … Continue reading

Show True Courage

  •   Mar 17, 2024   •     •   Psalm 82

Psalm 82 is part of a collection of psalms (Ps. 73–83) all connected by a common theme: the need for faith in a world where evil appears to have the … Continue reading

God’s House and God’s People

  •   Mar 10, 2024   •     •   1 Peter 2:4–10

Peter wrote his first letter to churches throughout Asia Minor that were suffering for simply being Christians. He wrote to encourage them in who they are as “elect exiles” (1:3) … Continue reading

Working For The Lord

  •   Mar 06, 2024   •     •   Colossians 3:22–25

This recording is from a topical Equipping Matters class taught by Elder James Chiang titled “Working For The Lord” out of Colossians 3:22–25.   Continue reading

How Can I Obey the Gospel?

The people of Israel knew better than to disobey the gospel of Jesus Christ. They had experienced God’s grace and mercy for generations. Moreover, every step of the way, God … Continue reading