Grace and Christian Unity

  •   Oct 30, 2022   •     •   Titus 3:9–15

Paul’s closing instructions to Titus are governed by the concern that Christians prioritize Christian unity. He also assumes that Christians will be eagerly interested in God’s work worldwide. Video & … Continue reading

Can You Trust the Bible?

  •   Oct 23, 2022   •     •   Acts 27:1–28:10

Paul sets sail for Rome only to be sidetracked by a terrible storm. God sends an angel to inform Paul that he will spare everyone on board, though the ship … Continue reading

Grace That Saves

  •   Oct 16, 2022   •     •   Titus 3:4–8

Titus 3 shows the need, work, and purposes of salvation. Regeneration is a unilateral work of God. It is a change of heart brought about through the Holy Spirit. And … Continue reading

Grace to Outsiders

  •   Oct 09, 2022   •     •   Titus 2:15–3:3

Showing grace to outsiders is inherent to the Christian life. Grace changes the way we interact with the government and the world at large. As Christians, we are called to … Continue reading

Would You Persuade Me to Be a Christian?

  •   Oct 02, 2022   •     •   Acts 25:13–26:32

Paul, once again, stands before the political and religious leaders of Judah. Festus has sought Agrippa’s help to discern what Paul has done to deserve imprisonment. Paul, having been told … Continue reading