Parenting in Childhood

  •   May 13, 2023   •  

Audio recorded at MVBC’s 2023 Parenting Conference. This recording is from Session 3 taught by Chad Ireland. Continue reading

When Idols Fail

  •   Aug 28, 2022   •     •   Psalm 115

Psalm 115 challenges us to recognize idols’ powerful effects on those who embrace them. It’s a call to turn away from idols and trust the Lord alone. God’s glory is … Continue reading

The First Will Be Last

  •   Jan 04, 2022   •     •   Matthew 19:16–30

Eternal life is given by God alone and is more valuable than anything we could give up to obtain it. Video & Sermon Audio  Continue reading

Jesus Predicts His Death

  •   Jul 19, 2021   •     •   Mark 8:31–38

When Christ returns in the glory of His Father to judge, those who were ashamed of Him in pursuit of the world will be denied by Him and forfeit their … Continue reading

The Lord Provides

  •   Dec 13, 2020   •     •   Mark 8:1–10

Jesus is not only the source of all life; He is the source of all satisfaction. Livestream Video & Sermon Audio  Continue reading

Remember the God of History

  •   Aug 03, 2020   •  

In Psalm 78, the Psalmist points to the wonders God performed in Israel’s history, wonders that Israel forgot. The Christian can also look at their personal history and see the … Continue reading