To Whom Do I Belong?

In this paragraph, Paul continues an argument he began in chapter 6. He debunks the notion that Christianity is a license to sin. Nothing could be further from the truth. … Continue reading

Women’s Ministry Fall Kickoff Devotional 2023

  •   Aug 08, 2023   •  

This is the audio recording of the devotional given by Jaynie Timmons at the 2023 Fall Kickoff on the topic of “Friendship.” Continue reading

God Is Our Refuge

  •   Aug 06, 2023   •     •   Psalm 46:1–3

Psalm 46 teaches us that God is our refuge, strength, and ever-present help. Because of this, God’s people have no reason for fear. Christians are vulnerable and can only have … Continue reading

On Pilgrimage—Where?

  •   Jul 30, 2023   •     •   Isaiah 2

As Christians, we are on a pilgrimage to Mount Zion—God’s heavenly Kingdom, which will be consummated on the Day of the Lord. For now, we ought to “walk in the … Continue reading


Sadly, we’ve seen an uptick in “despair” in recent years. Many of our neighbors (and some of our own) are walking through life burdened by depression and anxiety. Some individuals … Continue reading


Hope and lament both linger in Psalm 81. Here we find a summons to restoration from rebellion. Though this psalm is ancient, it is God’s Word for us. Written by … Continue reading

Jesus, The Demanding Savior

In Matthew 8:18–22, two would-be disciples approach Jesus. Both express interest in and admiration for Jesus and want to follow him. They appear to be promising candidates for discipleship. However, … Continue reading


David is running from Saul, who has become his ruthless enemy. Betrayed by kinsmen who should have protected him, David is forced to hide in the mountains. David, a great … Continue reading

Biblical Counseling

  •   Jun 30, 2023   •  

Audio recorded at MVBC’s 2023 Summer Equipping Matters. This recording is on Biblical Counseling taught by Kalep Kanode. Continue reading

The Fuel of a Gospel-Shaped Life

  •   Jun 25, 2023   •     •   Colossians 2:6–15

Competing values fill our world, with many worldviews campaigning against Christianity. Paul wrote Colossians to strengthen the faith of these believers in uncertain times. Christians of every age are to … Continue reading