Show True Courage

  •   Mar 17, 2024   •     •   Psalm 82

Psalm 82 is part of a collection of psalms (Ps. 73–83) all connected by a common theme: the need for faith in a world where evil appears to have the … Continue reading

Call to God

  •   Feb 04, 2024   •     •   Psalm 55

David cried to the Lord in one of his darkest moments as his soul was in anguish because a close friend had betrayed him and led others to rebel against … Continue reading

Pick a Side

  •   Jan 07, 2024   •     •   Psalm 36

In Psalm 36, David sets the pattern for a fight for holiness by assessing his sin, marveling at his incomparable God, who draws near, and asking God to intervene in … Continue reading

Be Still, And Know That I Am God

  •   Dec 31, 2023   •     •   Psalm 46:8–11

Psalm 46 emphasizes God’s glory, the central theme of the Bible. The God of Psalm 46 intends to be exalted in all the earth. This is a word of comfort … Continue reading

The City of God

  •   Nov 26, 2023   •     •   Psalm 46:4–7

Psalm 46:4–7 shows the importance of the presence of God in the Christian life and community. Psalm 46 points backward and forward to how God dwells in perfect harmony with … Continue reading

FMSPW 2023 Devotional

  •   Sep 16, 2023   •     •   Psalm 77

Audio recorded at Feed My Sheep for Pastors Wives Conference 2023. This recording is a devotional from Lisa Goad on Psalm 77. Continue reading

God Is Our Refuge

  •   Aug 06, 2023   •     •   Psalm 46:1–3

Psalm 46 teaches us that God is our refuge, strength, and ever-present help. Because of this, God’s people have no reason for fear. Christians are vulnerable and can only have … Continue reading


Sadly, we’ve seen an uptick in “despair” in recent years. Many of our neighbors (and some of our own) are walking through life burdened by depression and anxiety. Some individuals … Continue reading


Hope and lament both linger in Psalm 81. Here we find a summons to restoration from rebellion. Though this psalm is ancient, it is God’s Word for us. Written by … Continue reading


David is running from Saul, who has become his ruthless enemy. Betrayed by kinsmen who should have protected him, David is forced to hide in the mountains. David, a great … Continue reading

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