Habakkuk 3 teaches us about true Christian joy. Joy is an affectional response of the heart derived from an abiding trust in God. The object of Christian joy is God … Continue reading

John Bunyan and The Pilgrim’s Progress

  •   Apr 05, 2023   •  

This recording is from a topical Equipping Matters class taught by Zack DiPrima on John Bunyan and The Pilgrim’s Progress. Continue reading

Fear and Tremble

Habakkuk 3 teaches us about the fear of God. Fear of God is a trembling response to God in all his perfections that leads us toward God in wonder and … Continue reading

Live by Faith

  •   Feb 19, 2023   •     •   Habakkuk 2

In Habakkuk 2, the Lord assures Habakkuk of his future judgment of Babylon. This judgment prefigures the wrath to come when Jesus returns to judge the living and the dead. … Continue reading

Wonder and Be Astounded

  •   Jan 29, 2023   •     •   Habakkuk 1

The book of Habakkuk shows how saints rest in God by wrestling with his kind and severe providence, grappling with his unwavering promises, and pondering his holy character. Sermon Audio Continue reading

Engaging the Culture with Compassion

, ,   •   Nov 27, 2022   •  

This recording is from a joint Sunday School class by Sean DeMars titled “Engaging the Culture with Compassion.” The class ends with a Q&A session including Aaron Menikoff and Zack … Continue reading

Grace and Christian Unity

  •   Oct 30, 2022   •     •   Titus 3:9–15

Paul’s closing instructions to Titus are governed by the concern that Christians prioritize Christian unity. He also assumes that Christians will be eagerly interested in God’s work worldwide. Video & … Continue reading

Grace That Saves

  •   Oct 16, 2022   •     •   Titus 3:4–8

Titus 3 shows the need, work, and purposes of salvation. Regeneration is a unilateral work of God. It is a change of heart brought about through the Holy Spirit. And … Continue reading

Grace to Outsiders

  •   Oct 09, 2022   •     •   Titus 2:15–3:3

Showing grace to outsiders is inherent to the Christian life. Grace changes the way we interact with the government and the world at large. As Christians, we are called to … Continue reading

Grace and Good Works

  •   Aug 21, 2022   •     •   Titus 2:11–14

The Bible teaches that God saves Christians by grace, and upon salvation, they enroll in a school of grace where they train in godliness. Christ gave himself for us to … Continue reading

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