Anxiety’s Remedy

  •   Aug 27, 2023   •     •   Matthew 6:19–34

In Matthew 6:19–34, Jesus addresses twin concepts: treasure and anxiety. Jesus provides three contrasts: two treasures, two eyes, and two masters to encourage his followers towards complete devotion to himself. … Continue reading

Is the Law Good?

After arguing that grace produces holiness while the law arouses sinful passions (Rom. 7:1–6), Paul now clarifies the law is good. Sin, not the law, is the problem. The law … Continue reading

To Whom Do I Belong?

In this paragraph, Paul continues an argument he began in chapter 6. He debunks the notion that Christianity is a license to sin. Nothing could be further from the truth. … Continue reading

Women’s Ministry Fall Kickoff Devotional 2023

  •   Aug 08, 2023   •  

This is the audio recording of the devotional given by Jaynie Timmons at the 2023 Fall Kickoff on the topic of “Friendship.” Continue reading

God Is Our Refuge

  •   Aug 06, 2023   •     •   Psalm 46:1–3

Psalm 46 teaches us that God is our refuge, strength, and ever-present help. Because of this, God’s people have no reason for fear. Christians are vulnerable and can only have … Continue reading