Will You Listen?

  •   Nov 06, 2022   •     •   Acts 28:11–31

Paul made it to Rome at last, where Christians welcomed him! He evangelizes members of the Jewish synagogue, issues a stern warning, and then spends two years boldly proclaiming the … Continue reading

Can You Trust the Bible?

  •   Oct 23, 2022   •     •   Acts 27:1–28:10

Paul sets sail for Rome only to be sidetracked by a terrible storm. God sends an angel to inform Paul that he will spare everyone on board, though the ship … Continue reading

Would You Persuade Me to Be a Christian?

  •   Oct 02, 2022   •     •   Acts 25:13–26:32

Paul, once again, stands before the political and religious leaders of Judah. Festus has sought Agrippa’s help to discern what Paul has done to deserve imprisonment. Paul, having been told … Continue reading

Can Authority Be Trusted?

  •   Sep 18, 2022   •     •   Acts 25:1–12

Once again, Paul is on trial. This time, he stands before the Roman governor, Festus. Though Festus remains convinced Paul is innocent, he resolves to send Paul to Jerusalem for … Continue reading

What is a Clear Conscience?

  •   Sep 11, 2022   •     •   Acts 24:1–27

Paul cheerfully defended his innocence while standing before governor Felix in Caesarea. The Jewish leaders of Jerusalem accused Paul of insurrection and, even more significantly, of preaching against Judaism. Paul … Continue reading

Is Christianity a Threat?

  •   Sep 04, 2022   •     •   Acts 23:12–35

Read through these chapters of Acts carefully, and you’ll notice a pattern: Paul is questioned, attacked, and saved only to be questioned, attacked, and saved. Look closely, and you’ll notice … Continue reading

Is the Gospel for Israel?

  •   Aug 14, 2022   •     •   Acts 22:30–23:11

Standing before Judah’s leaders, Paul got to the core of his message—the hope and resurrection of the dead. Facts revealed to us in Scripture are the historical foundation for Christianity: … Continue reading

When Do Words Not Work?

  •   Aug 07, 2022   •     •   Acts 21:37–22:29

Paul is under arrest in Jerusalem. The citizens view him as a traitor because they believe the gospel undermines the law, the temple, and the sacrifices. The Roman officials don’t … Continue reading

More Than Silver or Gold

  •   Feb 22, 2022   •     •   Acts 3:1–10

Audio recorded at Feed My Sheep Conference 2022. This recording is Session Three from Matt Dye. Continue reading

Have You Suffered for Christ?

Having completed his third missionary journey, Paul now faces the wrath of Jewish unbelievers in Jerusalem. With no opportunity to make a defense, Paul is seized, beaten, arrested, and taken … Continue reading

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