Righteousness: The Peacemaker

  •   Dec 29, 2019   •     •   Matthew 5:21–26

Sinful anger is rooted in our sinful hearts. God’s righteous judgment comes against all sin, but Christ offers us the peace of a pure heart. Continue reading

The Christmas Sermon (2019)

  •   Dec 22, 2019   •     •   Matthew 1:1–17

Matthew’s genealogy is a declaration that Jesus is more than a carpenter–he is the long-expected King of Israel. Continue reading

The Son of God

  •   Dec 15, 2019   •     •   Colossians 1:15–16

Jesus is the Son of God–the savior in whom sinners find everlasting life. Continue reading

The Son of David

  •   Dec 08, 2019   •     •   2 Samuel 5:2

Israel was promised a descendent of King David who would sit on the throne forever. That king is Jesus, the King of the entire world. Continue reading

A Theology of Marriage for Today

  •   Dec 01, 2019   •     •   Genesis 2

Our expectations for our marriages must be in line with God’s designs and God’s plans for marriage. Continue reading