The Hour of Glory

  •   Jun 30, 2024   •     •   John 17:1-5

John 17:1-5 reminds us of Christ’s great sacrifice in the hour of glory.  Video & Sermon Audio Continue reading

God Who Builds

  •   Jun 23, 2024   •     •   Psalm 127

Sometimes life seems impossible to endure. But knowing what’s most necessary helps keep it all in perspective. Solomon reminds us that God’s work is what really matters in life. We … Continue reading

Living without Worry

It is tempting to place our trust in money and possessions rather than in God. We worry that we will one day not have enough, which drives us to store … Continue reading

The Exchange of Glory

The doctrine of glorification teaches that one day, God will bring our salvation to completion. The glorious good news of being in Christ is that our eternally glorious God desires … Continue reading

Living without Fear

At some level, everyone struggles with the fear of man. This fear takes on different forms. We can fear what others think of us and be tempted to live for … Continue reading