Righteousness: The Light

  •   Oct 20, 2019   •     •   Matthew 5:13–16

After the Beatitudes, Jesus goes on to exhort his disciples to be the salt of the earth and a light to the world. Our lives are meant to be distinct … Continue reading

Faith for Future Promises

  •   Jul 07, 2019   •     •   Genesis 23

Death has a powerful impact on our faith in God’s future promises. Continue reading

The Way of Wisdom

  •   Mar 24, 2019   •     •   James 4:1–10

The way of wisdom is humility. Continue reading

A Prayer for the New Year

  •   Jan 06, 2019   •     •   Psalm 31

Our need for God is great, and his goodness is even greater. Continue reading

A God Worth Praising

  •   Oct 14, 2018   •     •   Psalm 96

Psalm 96 calls for all peoples from all nations to glorify God. Continue reading

Resurrected in Christ

  •   Jul 29, 2018   •     •   Philippians 3:10–4:1

Once we have been justified through faith in Christ, our goal becomes knowing Jesus better and becoming like him, until we are finally perfected in him. Continue reading

Righteous in Christ

  •   Jul 22, 2018   •     •   Philippians 1:1–9

When your life has been transformed by the gospel you can say that Jesus Christ is worthy of all of your praise and is your ultimate treasure. Continue reading

The Cure for Forgetfulness

  •   Jan 21, 2018   •     •   Psalm 50

Psalm 50 provides both a warning and an encouragement to the church through the example of Israel. Love and thankfulness for God are required for proper worship. Listen as Brad … Continue reading

Why Should I Fear?

  •   Oct 01, 2017   •     •   Psalm 49

It is foolish to trust in the wealth and power of man. All earthly wealth passes away with death, but heavenly treasures will last. Listen as Brad Thayer preaches on Psalm … Continue reading

Soil Matters

  •   May 14, 2017   •     •   Matthew 13:1-23

When Jesus the King came to his people, why did so many reject him? In Matthew 13, we see why Jesus was rejected in his day, and why people continue … Continue reading