Feb 11, 2024   •  

What Must I Believe?

In these verses, Paul continues to unpack the relationship between the law and the gospel. His unbelieving Jewish friends attempted to use the law to get right with God—an impossible task because the law brings knowledge of sin, not righteousness (Rom. 3:20). However, the gospel teaches that right standing with God is based on faith. To argue otherwise—to say that we can right ourselves—is to act as if we can bring Christ down and raise him up. In other words, it’s to insist that salvation is in our hands and the gospel is unnecessary. Therefore, instead of relying on oneself, one must simply confess Jesus is Lord and believe in one’s heart God raised him from the dead (Rom. 10:9). This is Good News for the nations, and it’s the key to all the riches of Christ.

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