Adult Sunday School | Winter/Spring 2024

Join us for adult Sunday School classes on Sundays from 9:00–10:00 am. Below are the list of classes being offered from January – May.


Bible Study Basics
Studying the Bible on your own
Room 211
Teachers: Will Davis, Brad Thayer

2 Thessalonians
A study on the “Day of the Lord”
Room 200
Teachers: Jacob Anderson, Zek Burke

Wisdom Psalms
Learning to live from the Bible’s hymnal
Room 232
Teachers: Larry Chandler, Jack Darlington

February – May

Fellowship Class | Judges
A cycle of judgement and hope
Room 202
Teachers: Pat Knowles, Zack Stepp

Hebrews 1–7
Jesus is better
Room 211
Teachers: Dustin Butts, Timothy Vernon

Isaiah 13–39
Judgment, glory, and grace of God
Room 200
Teachers: Andrew Dallas, Jeffrey Timmons

2 Corinthians
Authority, suffering, and comfort
Room 232
Teachers: Dane Ulett, Kyle Gross