Adult Sunday School | Fall 2023

Join us for adult Sunday School classes on Sundays from 9:00–10:00 am. Below are the list of classes being offered from August – December. There are no classes on Dec. 24 and 31.

Aug 1–30

Helping one another grow in Christlikeness
Room 232
Teacher: Dustin Butts

A promise of judgment and restoration
Room 200
Teachers: James Chastain and Bill Timmons

2 Peter
A call to persevere in the face of false teaching
Room 211
Teachers: Jacob Anderson and Joseph Shanahan

Aug 1 – Dec 17

Fellowship Class | Philippians & Colossians
Two pictures of holiness and joy found in Christ
Room 202
Teachers: Bryan Hieser and Zack Stepp

Sept 1 – Dec 18

Corporate Worship
Gathering for the glory of God
Room 211
Teachers: Zack DiPrima, Ricky Hutchins, Kalep Kanode, Kevin Vaughter

Isaiah 1–12
A vision of the judgment, glory, and grace of God
Room 200
Teachers: Soon Hyong Kwon and Jeffrey Timmons

2 Timothy & Titus
An appeal to guard the gospel and a call to live it out
Room 232
Teachers: Alex Basurto and Brad Thayer

United Sunday School – Oct 15

Lessons in History and Grace at MVBC
Pastor Aaron will interview former pastor Jim Wood about the history and grace of God at Mount Vernon.
Fellowship Hall
Guest Speakers: Aaron Menikoff and Jim Wood