Adult Sunday School | Winter/Spring 2023

Join us for adult Sunday School classes on Sundays from 9:00–10:00 am. Below are the list of classes being offered from January – May.


Biblical Hospitality
Opening our homes for Christ’s sake
Room 232
Teachers: Kyle Gross, Brad Thayer

Philippians 2:1-11
The humility of Jesus Christ
Room 211
Teachers: Keaton Scherpeerel, Timothy Vernon

The promise of God’s perfect justice
Room 200
Teachers: Soon Hyong Kwon, Joseph Shanahan

February – May

Fellowship Class | Joshua
God gives Israel the promised land
Room 202
Teachers: John Anderson, Denny Crosby

Mark 9–16
Jesus is the Son of God
Room 232
Teachers: Kalep Kanode, Jeffrey Timmons

1–3 John
Walking in truth, love, and obedience
Room 211
Teachers: Andrew Dallas, Zack DiPrima

Genesis 37–50
“What you meant for evil, God meant for good.”
Room 200
Teachers: Brad Thayer, Matt Williams