Adult Sunday School – Fall Classes

Join us for adult inductive Bible studies every Sunday from 9:15 – 10:15 am. Below are the list of adult Sunday School classes that run from September – December. (There will be no Sunday School on Sunday, December 27.) If you are visiting and need help find a class, please visit Connections Corner located behind the sanctuary.

Romans 1-8
An inductive study through the Apostle Paul’s greater letter to first-century Christians in Rome.
room 211

1 Samuel 1-15
An inductive study of 1 Samuel’s account of the rise and rejection of King Saul.
room 210

An inductive study through one of the most practical epistles in the New Testament.
room 232

Biblical Expositional Studies
An inductive study through the end of Hebrews, Malachi, and Esther.
room 200

Men’s Class
A study through Explore the Bible: Genesis.
conference room