Philosophy of Connecting Relationally

As Christians, we want to be relationally connected to others in the local church. Our desire at Mount Vernon is for each member to be connected by having meaningful, redemptive relationships. Here is how we encourage this:

  • Membership: It begins by becoming a member. If you are a Christian then you have new identity in Christ, and that demands that you be identified with his people by joining a local church.
  • Gathering: Every member is expected to regularly attend the Sunday morning worship service and one of the evening services to hear God’s word taught and participate in the life of the church together.

  • 1-on-1 Discipling & Hospitality: Members are encouraged to be relationally intentional by building 1-on-1 discipling relationships where they meet to study the Bible and for prayer and encouragement. We want people show hospitality and welcome others into their homes to share life together.
  • Ministry & Service: Members grow in their relationships as they serve and minister together in the various ministries inside and outside the church.