Adult Sunday School (Summer 2021)

Join us for adult Sunday School classes on Sundays from 9:00–10:00 am. Below are the list of two classes being offered from May – July.

Exodus 19-20

This is a study of the Ten Commandments found in Exodus 19-20.
Room 232
Teachers: Bryan Hieser and Evan Taylor
May 2–July 25 (13 weeks)


This is an inductive study of Paul’s joyful letter to the church in Philippi.
Room 211
Teachers: Jack Lupas and Bill Timmons
May 2–July 25 (13 weeks)

Topical Study – Confronting Christianity II

A topical study on on answering some hard questions about Christianity.
Room 200
Teachers: Daniel Giles and Evan Harrison
May 2–30 (5 weeks)

Topical Study – Friendship & Dating

A topical study on honoring God in our friendships and dating relationships.
Room 200
Teachers: Ryan James and Brad Thayer
June 6–30 (4 weeks)

Topical Study – Bible Study Basics

A topical study on improving our Bible reading and delighting in God’s Word.
Room 200
Teachers: Dustin Butts and Kalep Kanode
July 7–25 (4 weeks)