What is a Weekender?

Our Weekender is designed to serve pastors, seminarians, and church leaders through humbly demonstrating the elements of a healthy church. In attending a Weekender, you’ll experience our services, focused teaching on ecclesiology, a members meeting, and an elders meeting. Our aim is to give biblical, pastoral, and theological reasoning for our philosophy of ministry. We don’t desire church leaders to replicate exactly what they see at Mount Vernon. Rather, we want weekender attendees to emerge with greater clarity on the elements of a healthy church.


Why attend a Weekender?

We believe that a strong philosophy of ministry is better “caught” than “taught.” While many church leaders may be drawn to certain biblical principles, they might not know how those principles should manifest themselves in a local church. Moreover, they might not feel equipped in how to implement those principles. While we don’t expect all Weekender attendees to agree with or embrace everything at Mount Vernon, we think this event is a good opportunity to show the building blocks of how to build a healthy church.


What’s the Schedule 


4:00pm – Registration

5:00pm – Dinner

6:00pm – Welcome & Introductions

7:00pm – Elders Meeting


9:00am  – Session: Elders Meeting Q&A

10:00am – Session: History of MVBC

11:00am – Session: Membership & Discipline

12:00pm – Lunch

1:30pm  – Session: Congregationalism

2:30pm  – Session: Elders & Raising Up Leaders

3:30pm – Session: How to Keep Your Church “Small”

4:30-5:30pm – Free Time

5:30pm – Dinner (Panel/Q&A)

7:00pm – Session: Creating a Culture of Discipling


9:00am  – Sunday School

10:30am – Morning Service

12:45pm – Lunch w/ an elder

3:00pm  – Session: On Corporate Worship

4:30pm  – Members Meeting

6:00pm  – Evening Service

7:30pm  – Dinner (Q&A and Conference Close)


Other Details


$75 – Weekenders receive lunches and dinners and 5-10 books.


Formal lodging is not offered. Weekenders can seek accommodations at a nearby hotel or Airbnb. However, we do offer host-housing with our church members based on availability. If you’re interested in staying with a member from Mount Vernon, contact Zack DiPrima.

Register Here:


Other Questions?

For any other questions, please reach out to Zack DiPrima.