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9:15 am    Sunday School

10:30 am  Corporate Worship

6:00 pm    Corporate Prayer


5:00 pm    Dinner

6:30 pm    Equipping Matters

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Mount Vernon Baptist Church

850 Mt Vernon Hwy NW

Sandy Springs, GA 30327

Office: 404-255-3133

Fax: 404-255-3166

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Perspective Journal

Perspective is the monthly journal of Mount Vernon Baptist Church. It is an educational and equipping tool with cover articles by Pastor Aaron devoted to a variety of topics. Each edition also includes brief book review on good resources and a schedule of events. (Enter your name and email address to the bottom left to start receiving the Perspective for free via email.)


The Perspective is best viewed in Adobe Acrobat, which can be downloaded for free here.

Is the Christian Life Supposed to be Boring?

Volume VIII, Issue 3


Also featured in this edition:

Book Highlight: Words From the Fire: Hearing the Voice of God in the 10 Commandments by R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

Book Highlight: Christianity and Liberalism by J. Gresham Machen

Fighter Verse Devotional: Isaiah 53:4-5

Parenting: The Church

Volume VIII, Issue 2


Also featured in this edition:

Book Review: John G. Patton: The Autobiography of the Pioneer Missionary to the New Hebrides 

Parenting: The Basics

Volume VIII, Issue 1


Also featured in this edition:

Book Review: The Gospel at Work 

10 Questions to Help Us Think About Christmas

Volume VII, Issue 12


Also featured in this edition:

Book Review: Be Still, My Soul & O Love That Will Not Let Me Go

Preparing for the Lord's Supper

Volume VII, Issue 11


Also featured in this edition:

Book Review: The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes

How Should We Then Pray?

Volume VII, Issue 10


Also featured in this edition:

Book Review: Taking God at His Word by Kevin DeYoung

Book Review: Big God by Orlando Saer


That the Next Generation Might Know Him:
Song of Songs for Today: Part 3:
Song of Songs for Today: Part 2: July 2014
The Song of Songs for Today: Part 1: June 2014
Is God Really There?: May 2014
Salvation by Faith Alone and Pastoral Confidence: April 2014
Making Disciples, One at a Time: March 2014
What Teenagers Need: February 2014
Building a Culture of Generosity: January 2013
25 Promises of the Messiah: December 2013
Evangelism & You: November 2013
Being & Belonging: Rethinking Church Life in the 21st Century: October 2013
Culture Shift: September 2013
10 Prayers for Godly Elders: August 2013
Heaven on My Mind: July 2013
Pleasing People/Pleasing God: June 2013
Foster Tales: May 2013
Sola Scriptura: the Sufficiency of Scripture: April 2013
The Christian Worldview: March 2013
Pray the Word: February 2013
Sing the Word: January 2013
25 Lessons the Incarnation Teaches: December 2012
Is the Bible Enough? Know the Word: November 2012
Got Anxiety?: October 2012
How Should We Listen to Preaching?: September 2012
What Kind of Man Should a Preacher Be?: August 2012
Why Listen to Preaching with the Church?: July 2012
"Share" and "Like": Social Media and Christian Witness: June 2012
What Is Expositional Preaching?: May 2012
What Does It Mean to Preach Christ?: April 2012
What Is the Purpose of a Sermon?: March 2012
Why Are People Drifting from the Church?: February 2012
Facing the New Year: January 2012
Celebrate the Incarnation: God Came Down: December 2011
Life in a Fortress of Solitude: November 2011
Know. Equip. Send.: October 2011
"We Exist for the Worship and Glory of God": September 2011
Proverbs: Words on the Heart: August 2011
Proverbs: Words on Family: July 2011
Proverbs: Words on Friendship: June 2011
Proverbs: Words on Wealth: May 2011
Proverbs: Words on Work: April 2011
Proverbs: Words on Words: March 2011
Proverbs: Words on Wisdom: February 2011
Starting the Christian Life: Digging Deeper: January 2011
Christmastime at Mount Vernon: December 2010
Starting the Christian Life: Remember the Cross: November 2010
Starting the Christian Life: Start Smashing Idols: October 2010
Starting the Christian Life: Say Something!: September 2010
Starting the Christian Life: It's All Sacred Now: August 2010
Starting the Christian Life: Don't Go It Alone: July 2010
Starting the Christian Life: Feeding Yourself: June 2010
Dare to Overlook: May 2010
Will You Disciple?: April 2010
The Power of a Godly Influence: March 2010
What About Haiti?: February 2010
In the Beginning...God: January 2010
Christ Was Born of a Virgin: December 2009
Patiently Living a God-Centered Life: November 2009
Characteristics of a True Friend: October 2009
The Gospel and Friendship: September 2009
Leadership in the Church: August 2009
A Year at Mount Vernon: A Pastor's Reflections: July 2009
The God of the Bible Debate: June 2009
Following Jesus Christ through the Recession: May 2009
Why Are We Here?: April 2009
What Is Evangelism?: March 2009
What Is the Gospel?: February 2009
Is the Bible Reliable?: January 2009
Who Is God?: December 2008
True Repentance: November 2008

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