Larry Chandler

Larry grew up in Sandy Springs with a moral father and believing mother. Following a college career full of sinful choices, the Lord invaded his life and saved him on Saturday, May 5, 1984. Larry has been married to Shirley for 25 years. They have two children in college: Jaynie and Jacob. Prior to coming to Mount Vernon, Larry taught Sunday School since the late 1980’s and was a Deacon. He also has a passion for missions and evangelism. Since coming to Mount Vernon in 2011, Larry has been actively involved in discipling and teaching a number of adult Sunday School and Equipping Matters classes.


John Hall

John’s parents were very active in the church when he was growing up, and John professed faith in Christ at a very young age. He struggled as a young man to follow Christ, but at the age of 22, he was greatly helped by a teacher at church who exhorted him to root out worldliness and follow Christ with heart, soul, and mind. By the grace of God, John did. John and Jane have been at Mount Vernon since 2003. They have two adult children. John has been a deacon and teacher.


Jim Heiskell

In June of 1966, at a Campus Crusade for Christ conference in California, Jim became a Christian. His life was transformed and his priorities changed overnight. Jim spends his days teaching, mentoring, and coaching high school students at the Whitefield Academy. At Mount Vernon, as Chairman of the Elders, he has an opportunity to lead and encourage the church’s elder body in their shepherding role. Jim is married to Connie, and they have five grown children and 14 grandchildren.


Rick Hutchins

Rick was raised in church and was baptized around age 12, believing that he had accepted Christ. But his life in college and early adulthood reflected a lack of true repentance and submission to Christ. In early 1983, in a business meeting, an old friend shared the Gospel with him, and God turned an ordinary meeting into a life-changing event. Rick says, “Our God is faithful and never gives up on us, never stops loving us, and my life is my proof of that.” Since coming to MVBC in 1985, Rick has served as a preschool teacher, Sunday School Director, Deacon, Equipping Matters teacher, and on several committees.

Pat Knowles

Pat grew up in Birmingham, AL with the blessing of being introduced to God’s love and grace through Christian parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. At the age of 12, Pat professed faith in Jesus Christ after his eyes and heart were opened to the Gospel through a visiting missionary at church. Pat and Mary Anne were high school sweethearts and have been married for 42 years. They are blessed with two adult children: Melanie and Jonathan. Pat is quick to point out that he is thankful to be a “work in progress” as God continues his work of sanctification in his life today. The past 10 years at MVBC has been a period of tremendous spiritual growth in his life. In retirement, Pat embraces the additional time for mentoring, teaching, leading and being in God’s Word. He has served in various leadership positions at church including: Sunday school and E.M. teacher, Deacon Chair and Greeter.

Aaron Menikoff

Aaron Menikoff

Senior Pastor

Aaron and his wife, Deana, came to Mount Vernon in June 2008. They have four children: Rachel, Jonah, Natalie, and Tori. They moved to Atlanta from Louisville, KY after Aaron completed his Masters of Divinity in Biblical and Theological Studies and his Ph.D. in American Church History from Southern Seminary.

Prior to pastoral ministry, Aaron worked as a legislative assistant to the late U.S. Senator Mark O. Hatfield. After leaving his career in politics, he went on staff and served as an elder at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. While in seminary, Aaron served as an elder and interim pastor at Third Avenue Baptist Church.

He is the author of Politics and Piety: Baptist Social Reform in America, 1170-1860 (Pickwick, 2014), and has contributed several articles to 9 Marks, The Gospel Coalition,, and the Kairos Journal. He is a visiting professor at Reformed Theological Seminary (Atlanta).

Aaron is the organizer and host of Feed My Sheep, an annual conference for pastors and church leaders in the Atlanta area. He also serves on the administrative team of the Greater Atlanta Baptist Network where he leads a monthly pastors fellowship.

Bryan Pillsbury

Bryan Pillsbury

Associate Pastor/Missions

Bryan grew up in Greenville, SC. He became a Christian through Young Life just before his senior year in High School. He played soccer at Montreat College for 2 years and transferred to complete his undergraduate degree at Gordon College, in Massachusetts. Bryan met his wife, Paige, at Gordon and was married in 1979. A year later Bryan began his graduate studies and completed his MBA while working at Montreat College in NC. In 1987, Pastor Jim Wood brought Bryan to Mount Vernon to oversee construction, administration, finance and recreation. Bryan was ordained to the pastoral ministry in 1991 and added the additional responsibility of helping oversee much of the missions outreach. He currently serves as Associate Pastor/Missions. Bryan and Paige have 5 children: Rachel, Sarah, Preston, Nathan, and Richard.


Scott Sullivan

Scott was born and raised in a Christian home in Atlanta. His father served on the pastoral staff at their church in Decatur. It was during the spring of 1983 that God began a mighty work in his heart, and Scott came to fully understand Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and what it meant for him to turn from sin and believe in Jesus. He professed his faith and was baptized. While there were times in his life that he strayed, God was always faithful to draw him back. After graduating from Georgia Tech, Scott began investing in the lives of young people in his church, teaching a college Sunday School class and working with the Youth Ministry. Scott and his wife, Joy, have been members at Mount Vernon since 2008 and have 4 children: Jack, Joshua, Joseph, and Jaynie.

Brad Thayer

Brad Thayer

Associate Pastor/Administration

Brad is from Morristown, a small town in East Tennessee. He was raised in a Christian home. He graduated from Boyce College with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies in 2006. Prior to receiving his B.A., he completed an A.S. in Agricultural Business from Walter State Community College. He and his wife Candace were married in 2003 and have four children: Olivia, Eva, Nadia, and Greyson. Brad serves as the Associate Pastor/Administration overseeing the church’s operations, finances, facilities, and other general pastoral duties.